Published on January 24, 2011 (Courtesy of of the greatest sites out there)

Before you optimize your next piece of content, Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman have some advice. “Bust your content silos!” they write in their new book Content Rules. “Do you have a print newsletter? Do you produce a regular podcast? Run a version of a print article on the blog, upload the best headlines to Facebook, post transcripts of your podcasts online, and chat everything up on Twitter.”

In other words, you amplify the power of optimization when you create and repurpose content across channels and platforms. Here are some tips the authors offer for garnering maximum exposure:

Use smaller components to create a larger whole. Don’t let the daunting thought of writing an e-book, for example, prevent you from writing anything at all. “A series of smaller blog posts will be easier to produce and more digestible for readers short on time and attention,” they note, “and it will multiply your search love.”

Use a larger whole to create smaller components. Handley and Chapman credit CK Kerley with ideas like crafting a series of brief online videos from speeches given by your company’s subject-matter experts. Also: “A white paper or position paper can become a series of blog posts, or a bunch of informative audio podcasts that your audience can listen to during their daily commutes.”

Use the same stuff in a different way. “Interviewing someone for a blog post or article?” they ask. “Capture it on video or audio with a few extra key questions to differentiate it from your story, then post them separately.”

The Po!nt: Channel-hop. When your content does double or triple duty across channels and platforms, you give your optimization efforts an extra push.

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