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Although the recession has been with us for some time now, businesses are still looking for ways to survive. Some have had to reinvent themselves, while others are able to simply broaden their reach among potential clientele. Even in these difficult recessionary times, you should be setting your goals much higher than basic survival. Recessions produce more millionaires than any other time in the economic cycle. As wealth changes hands throughout the global economy, tremendous opportunities are presented every day for growth and profit. The key is knowing how to find them, and how to leverage them.

A solid marketing strategy can help you find your way. You need to be able to understand what is driving consumer and business pain points and figure how to solve them. A Marketing Plan that can help you obtain this knowledge, along with doing your homework. While you’re at it, you should also partner with a marketing professional that can give you specialized attention, one that can help you realize your unlimited potential. The key here is not to settle for mere survival, but to go big and find massive success.


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Just when we all have a handle on all the latest & greatest marketing and social media tools, something new comes out that is being touted as the latest and greatest way to reach your customers and find potential new ones. It’s either a new way to push out blogs or a gotta-have-it tool. So it is easy to understand frustration that companies feel when developing their strategic marketing plans, or lack of. Staying on top of these things can be tough, especially when the rules of the game are ostensibly changing all of the time, if it’s not your area of expertise, and if you are not operating in this space every day. After all, you are in business to succeed, but it takes a lot away when you’re running down the ‘flavor of the month’ marketing path. Marketing is one area that has been in a perpetual motion of change over the past few years, with the simplification of graphics software and adding on new spokes of the wheel such as social media and SEO, no wonder many companies fall to the outward bound method of marketing: the tactics; forgetting about the inward bound marketing-the marketing plan. Keep in mind, however, that the marketing plan process is still the same as it’s ever been. Ultimately you are still asking yourself, “What is the most effective way to reach the largest portion of my target audience?” Some of you might answer that question with very traditional methods of marketing and sales. That’s okay, that is if you’re right. Others of you might have a complete web strategy. That can be okay, too. The reality is that it’s probably a blend of traditional marketing as well as incorporating the new rules of PR and marketing also. The key, however, is that you won’t find all of this out without writing a marketing plan.

 It’s too easy to get pulled into blasting out Press Release after Press Release, or running down the internet marketing path with LinkedIn, blogging, tweeting and Facebook – without really understanding if you should be or the best way to implement a strategy around those methods and tools. You find yourself spending too much time doing ‘busy-ness’ rather than business – without generating any new business.

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Getting the Most out of Marketing Part II

Find out what successful Marketers are finding and the effort it takes to stay on top of all of this for C-Levels of high growth businesses.