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The entire country will be watching us here in Kansas as Google announced on Wednesday morning that they’ve picked Kansas City, Kansas out of over 1,000 cities to launch their ultra high-speed broadband network. This is the beginning of a new era for Kansas City and Google.

Kansas City will benefit tremendously from this opportunity, leading the nation in broadband. Free high speed access will be provided to schools throughout Kansas City, Kansas.

The deployment will be free for many business offices and available throughout the community. Cities throughout the KC region will be joining the future efforts for high speed access for medicine, business, bioscience and education facilities. To put this all in context, Google Fiber will deliver 1 gigabit Internet speeds – that’s 2000 times faster than dial-up and more than 100 times faster than a typical broadband connection. Over the past decade, the jump from dial-up to broadband has led to streaming online video, digital music sales, video conferencing over the web, and countless other innovations that have transformed communication and commerce.

We can’t wait to see what new innovations will emerge as Kansas City, Kansas moves from traditional broadband to ultra high-speed fiber optic connections. Service will be offered beginning in early 2012.

“This is the equivalent of Kansas City winning the technology golden ticket,” said Greg Kratofil, a technology lawyer and shareholder for Polsinelli Shughart PC. “This is a game-changer for Kansas City and the whole region.”

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Josh is a 27 year old husband, father and veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is married to Jamie and they have a 3 year old daughter Lilly. On March 5, 2011 Josh was working on his vehicle when the gas tank exploded. Josh is suffering severely with 91% of his body badly burnt. He will requre over 200 surgeries over a 10 month period. I am setting this up to try and raise money to help Jamie out with expences while Josh is in the hospital.
     ANY donation is greatly appreciated no matter how big or small. Every bit will help Jamie and Lilly during this difficult time.
     Thank you all for the great support and prayers everyone has sent for Josh and his family.


Marketing Plan or Marketing Strategy? Or plan at all? Running a successful business is not like a field of dreams; you can build it but will they come?

 Marketing is all about promoting your product or service to potential clients, and persuading them to buy or use it. And for effective marketing you have to let people know about your product or service over and over. To do this, you’re going to have to come up with both a marketing plan and a marketing strategy.

What’s the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan?

The marketing strategy contains the overall business goals. It includes a definition of your business, a description of your products or services, a profile of your target users or clients, and defines your company’s role in relationship to the competitive landscape. The marketing strategy is the framework of your specific marketing plans.

The marketing plan is the application of your marketing strategy – includes selling proposition, pricing strategy, the sales and distribution plan and your plans for promotion.

You really can’t have a marketing plan without a marketing strategy and a marketing plan without a  strategy is a waste of time. The marketing strategy provides the goals for your marketing plans. It tells you where you want to go from here. The marketing plan is the specific roadmap that’s going to get you there.

Every business, small or large should have a business plan, and in it a marketing plan. A good marketing plan summarizes the who, what, where, when, and how much questions of company activities for the planning year, such as Who are target buyers, what sources of positioning in the market, where will we implement our marketing spending, and How much sales and profits will we achieve.

Many startups will try to cross the finish line first and head straight for a website and marketing collateral. Then, when they are struggling in obtaining new clients, will wonder why. Have a plan. When you go on vacation, do you just jump in the car and hope for the best? Doubtful. Most people develop a plan and a budget. They know when they’re leaving and returning, they use a map. They know how they’re getting there and what the goal is. Business strategizing is no different.

Kansas City Business Journal – by Morgan Chilson, Contributing Writer

Date: Friday, March 4, 2011, 5:00am CST

 Area companies are tapping relatively simple technologies to establish telecommuting practices.

The ability to work remotely creates opportunities for companies to maintain operations during emergencies, such as the Feb. 1-2 blizzard, or reduce office space and their ecological footprints.

“During the recent blizzard in Kansas City, many employees worked from home,” said Kristi Ernsting, spokeswoman for Hallmark Cards Inc. “Our IT group noted that use of the new Office Communicator system doubled that day.”

Hallmark uses a variety of software, such as its Office Communicator program, which enables employees to communicate via instant message and use audio and video conference …

This article is a good one, not only for marketing professionals, but everyone else. My company provides this service, so when you are ready, give us a call!  or 913-956-11134

by William Arruda, Catharine Fennell

Published on March 23, 2011

In this article, you’ll learn…

  • How a video bio can help you land your next interview
  • Five tips for creating an effective, high-quality video bio
When you strip away all the basic requirements expected of any marketer—hard skills and experience—what’s left? Everything that cannot be said in a resume! Yet, ironically, those are the critical, personal elements that make a difference in a marketer’s decision-making abilities—their soft skills and fit with culture. They are also what will get a hiring manager to take a second look, because they often determine employees’ longevity, loyalty, career satisfaction, and productivity.

Hiring managers have a hard job. They must review hundreds of resumes to decide who to interview. It’s challenging to discern soft skills in text-format resumes. Even the best-written resume that incorporates all your marketing genius won’t necessarily get your name on the interview list.

How to Stand Out

Roughly seven qualified marketers are available for each open position, so you need to think beyond the resume—to clutter-breaking tools—that’ll give you the opportunity to express your personal brand.

To Read the full article/more:

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MarketingProfs Daily

US direct and digital advertising expenditures are forecast to reach $163.9 billion in 2011, up 6.2% from 2010 levels, according to a report from the Winterberry Group. Of that total, digital spending is expected to reach $31.6 billion, up 14.0% from the previous year. more

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In the late 1800′s, Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to get rid of a number of his associates in the German government. Since many of them were old, he decided to set the age of retirement to 65 and successfully forced them out of their positions. To this day, we still use the same retirement age around the world.

If you’re wondering what the point of sharing that was then let me say this: There was no point. My headline led you to read the post introduction, and my first paragraph was good enough to get you to read the second. Since I have your attention, let me tell you one more thing: You have to keep people hooked on your content if you want to get links. People don’t share things they don’t read.

How do you get people hooked on your content? How do you write posts which people are more likely to share with their audience? How can you guarantee that people will read your blog post?

The answer, is to have an awesome idea and write excellent copy. But that’s such a vague response.

They say that around 80% of visitors to your blog will read your post title, but only about 20% will actually read the accompanying post. This means that the best way to get more links, is to get more people reading your post. Since you always get less people reading your post than you do your headline, you have to make your headline amazing, in order to engage as many visitors as possible.

I’ve analysed dozens of blogs to find out what types of headlines result in posts getting hundreds of links. Before I share the result of my findings, let’s give a quick personal example…

Drowning in Link-Juice

Though I think the following analysis is far more important than my own examples, some people will need some “proof” that I know what I’m talking about. For those people, here’s a few of my posts, with their accompanying link count:

  • WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need – 433 links
  • Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide – 297 links
  • The Highest Converting Facebook Page I’ve Ever Seen – 307 links

And it’s not just in the marketing niche where I can do it either. Here’s an example for a guest post that I wrote in the personal development field:

  • 8 Harsh Truths That Will Dramatically Improve Your Life – 225 links

Do you notice anything in common with those blog posts? Since I didn’t link to them, the commonality shouldn’t be too hard to spot. For those of you who are confused, they all – at least, in my opinion – have excellent headlines. They have headlines which make you want to read the post, and content which you’ll get value from.

They are ultimately the type of post that other sites naturally want to link to.

Getting links is so important not only for increased search engine rankings, but for the sheer number of new visitors who can land on your website when other blogs talk about you. As these links can decide whether you rise to the ranks of the A-list or continue to write for an audience of one, let’s look at how you can craft headlines which get read, and get links.

The Item-Hype Formula: Secret Template Revealed

The Item:Hype formula is simply the name I’ve attached to a style of headline I see that is both popular and effective. It basically allows you to create a title that catches people’s attention that can work in any industry. The name of this headline style is actually the headline style itself. Item: is the subject you’re talking about and Hype is the follow up which makes people want to read it.

For example, a post I referred to earlier, WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need. The start is the item – the topic I’m talking about – and after the colon is the hype.

Other bloggers have successfully used this title, in cases such as:

  • Open Source Blogging: Feel Free to Steal My Content – 1,638 links
  • Geek to Freak: How I Gained 34 lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks – 1,310 links

This simple strategy can even make shoes and conversion testing interesting. Don’t believe me?

  • Vibram Five Fingers: The Barefoot Alternative – 607 links

There’s an alternative to going barefoot? People actually walk around barefoot? The headline creates questions in my mind, and I want to read the post to get answers. If you get creative, you can even flip this format around.

The Last Guide to Writing Headlines You’ll Ever Need…

…could easily have been a suitable headline for this post. It would have been a great example of another headline structure which gets attention, and ultimately links. The aim of this second type of headline is to provide some sort of ultimate ending, or hint of “finality” (I’m sure there’s a proper word for that) in the search for good content on a certain topic.

Based on how it is processed in our minds, it may even lead you to read a post on a topic you wouldn’t normally be interested in, since you don’t want to miss the chance to get the best content on that subject.

“What do you have to lose? It will only take a few minutes to read. I don’t want to regret not having read this in the future.”

That’s the thought process we want happening in the minds of our readers. Some popular headlines in this category include:

  • 15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever – 697 links
  • Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System – 1,277 links
  • How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes – 1,407 links
  • The Bloggers Guide to SEO – 2,540 links

The first headline makes me think two things. One, it’s okay that I missed other Firefox tricks guides posted online. Two, no better post has ever been written on this topic, so I should read it. If I was looking for a productivity system, then the second headline assures me that I’ve found the one I should be following.

Explore how you can use the “end of the search” concept in your post titles. Words like “Ultimate”, “Ever”, “Need”, and “Greatest” should help get you started.

Six Examples of Powerful Headlines

You can’t write a post on attractive headlines that doesn’t include the list post. It’s something that has been around for years and remains popular to this day. List posts are attractive because they give the idea of quality, variety, and a post that is easy to read. You can find them on almost every big blog out there, and they can easily go viral if done well.

  • 10 Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Your Life – 232 links
  • The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now – 872 links
  • 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It – 1195 links
  • 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity – 5,570 links
  • 40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation – 209 links
  • 279 Days to Overnight Success – 3,330 links

Of course, putting a number in your headline alone wont help to make the post a success. Think of using a list headline for an idea that already has the chance to go viral. For example, “Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Your Life” and “The Not-To-Do List: The Habits to Stop Now” are good titles, and brilliant post ideas. They’re simply made more attractive with the introduction of figures.

My Best Example By Far

The final headline concept I’ve found to work well is to invoke curiosity. You can peak someone’s interest so much that they have little choice but to click on your post headline — even if it isn’t clear what your article is about. Similarly, you can “tease” people and give them a taster with your headline. If the bait is tempting enough, you’ll get them to read the post.

Some articles that put this into action include:

  • Travel Full-Time for Less than $14,000 Per Year – 369 links
  • 7 Secrets of the Super Organised – 279 links
  • 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job – 3,390 links

The first example is an excellent one in my opinion because it gives us the bait, and promises to solve it with a surprise. Being able to “travel full-time” is going to get anyone’s attention, especially if you couple it with such a low price point. The second headline makes me curious to know what those secrets are, and the third sounds interesting with a bit of controversy thrown in, so I want to read that as well.

Taking the idea from the first headline, I could also use the three other template examples in this post to craft attractive titles around the same concept:

  • Travel Ninja: How to See the World on a Miniscule Budget (Item:Hype Formula)
  • The Last Guide to Travel Hacking You’ll Ever Need to Read (Finality Formula)
  • 21 Steps to Exploring the Planet for Next to Nothing (List Post Formula)
  • Discover How Travelling the Globe Is Cheaper Than Renting An Apartment (Curiosity Formula)

It’s so easy to use these formulas to come up with headlines that are going to – quite simply – get a lot more people reading your content. If you just spend an hour or so trying to put these into practice, you should easily be able to come up with 20 ideas which follow a proven methods of getting links.

How to Quickly Make All Of This Irrelevant

It’s going to be next to impossible to get hundreds of links to your post if you read all of this but forget to take something very important into account. If you don’t have the content to “back up” your awesome headline, then it’s pointless crafting such a good headline in the first place.

Your headline, first and foremost, is purely designed to get people to read the rest of your post. Even though they’re reading it, they still have to enjoy it if they’re going to share it. If that wasn’t obvious.

If I’m going to write a post about WordPress SEO and call it “the only guide you need” then I can’t just give a few generic tips on the subject, I literally have to make it the best guide online. If I call Link Trio a “simple, yet powerful, link building tactic” then it has to be both simple to implement and highly effective.

Just adding this in for any nitpickers: The link counts for the posts are never going to be perfectly accurate. I took the counts from both the Yahoo Site Explorer and the Open Site Explorer. The point of the post remains intact: Good headlines help posts get links. Thanks to the following sites for providing me with these excellent examples: DumbLittleMan, ZenHabits, Lifehack, FourHourWorkWeek, Chris Guillebeau, SEO Book, Steve Pavlina and I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Some of you may think that these sites are big, so that’s why they get hundreds of links to their posts.  I would personally argue that they’re big because they get hundreds of links to their posts. ViperChill certainly hasn’t grown to 14,000 subscribers so quickly because I write the same content as everyone else.

I’m giving away a free copy of Cloud Living to whoever creates the best headline, using an above formula, on the subject of kittens. Just leave a comment with your submission.

P.S. If you want to read more on this topic, my post 2,897 Words on Creating Viral Content may be just what you’re looking for.