Kansas City, MO (March 7, 2011) – In early 2011, Google promised that it would take action against ‘content farms’ that were achieving top rankings with poor content on the internet. Google engineers delivered on their promise with the recent “Farmer/Panda” algorithm change in February. This change has negatively affected many websites by up to a 50% decline in overall traffic. However, William Rock, one of Kansas City’s top SEO and Internet Marketing Professionals, has given his clientele reasons to smile.

Many, if not all, of Rock’s sites have seen an increase in traffic since the Farmer/Panda change. Rock’s Small Business Marketing Company, William Rock, develops and manages many websites nationwide, performing routine analytics and advising clients of optimization activities.

One thing is for certain: many businesses must not only have a website, but without yellow pages adorning desks worldwide as they were in days gone by, they must be found on the internet. It takes a savvy internet marketing analyst to perform routine analytics and business analysis on a website – and many business owners just don’t have the internal resources to do such a superlative job and foresee such epic events.

Rock has suggestions for those affected. “Review your analytics to see when the drop occurred. If you identify that it was indeed Farmer, then begin a strategy to rebound from this and subsequent events,” says Rock. “Avoid keyword spamming and strive to develop content that serves your customers, not the search engines, specifically.” Rock also advises to optimize your website to ensure that sales will occur. “It involves a distinct optimization process to help search engines see your site and potential customers find what they want.”

Google changes its algorithm on a routine basis, up to 500 times a year – but many changes go unnoticed. However, the Farmer update has reportedly impacted 12% of its search results in the US, having a greater impact on results than most of its algorithm changes. So far the change only impacts results in the US, but future plans call for a worldwide rollout in 2011.

About William Rock

William Rock is a certified Internet Marketing Specialist certified by Bruce Clay, Inc. Being a strict “white hatter” has earned William a renowned reputation. William’s knowledge of SEO information has made him a sought- after professional in the world of web site development. Other areas of expertise are VSEO, Videography and Video Production; the firm specializes in creating business marketing related video for organic traffic. For more information, visit http://www.williamrock.com or call 816-518-8225.