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by William Arruda, Catharine Fennell

Published on March 23, 2011

In this article, you’ll learn…

  • How a video bio can help you land your next interview
  • Five tips for creating an effective, high-quality video bio
When you strip away all the basic requirements expected of any marketer—hard skills and experience—what’s left? Everything that cannot be said in a resume! Yet, ironically, those are the critical, personal elements that make a difference in a marketer’s decision-making abilities—their soft skills and fit with culture. They are also what will get a hiring manager to take a second look, because they often determine employees’ longevity, loyalty, career satisfaction, and productivity.

Hiring managers have a hard job. They must review hundreds of resumes to decide who to interview. It’s challenging to discern soft skills in text-format resumes. Even the best-written resume that incorporates all your marketing genius won’t necessarily get your name on the interview list.

How to Stand Out

Roughly seven qualified marketers are available for each open position, so you need to think beyond the resume—to clutter-breaking tools—that’ll give you the opportunity to express your personal brand.

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