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Is it time to change the culture of your company?

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Published: Apr 07, 2011 – 09:27 am
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Category: Analytics Nice guide to enhanced goal and conversion tracking for the new GA. – Google Analytics (Version 5 Only) now allows you to use events as goals. Events as a goal type…why does this matter? Well, because you can now track more types of site interactions… Read More & Discuss!

As a former Senior Recruiter with Morgan Hunter Corporate Search, I specialized in placing sales and marketing candidates. I clearly can understand the frustrations in the job market today on both sides. (The battles that companies are facing while looking for top talent as well as the candidates active in the job market searching for the right opportunity.) During this experience as a Corporate Recruiter, I have learned that engaging the top performers for my client was rarely about introducing the job description to them.  Who cares? Most likely the candidate was already doing basically the same thing, so why make a move? As a top performer, my success was accelerated by understanding what it truly means to the candidate to make a move. I understood the uniqueness that the candidate would look for in a new opportunity that they were currently not getting in their current position. By asking this question, I could easily identify if their current company was thriving or struggling. If their current organization was thriving, successful and they had a direct hand in growing the company, they were extremely loyal and not interested in making a move. Nearly 95% of the time, the candidates that I represented (VP/Director level) that were interested in making a move is due to the company culture.  It was never about the money.  The biggest complaint that the majority of my top performer candidates had was lack of collaboration among the leaders as well as the insecurity of noticing the continued high turnover. (It all goes “hand in hand.”) Therefore, their competitors that were thriving were far more intriguing to them.

If you are the hiring authority and you are seeking the top performers for your organization, my suggestion is, start focusing your budget into leadership development  and clearly showcase this “uniqueness” as a feature and benefit on your job description as well as make it known in your interview process. This is what the top performers are looking for! Also, make sure that you interview your candidates directly! If a top performer is required to interview with HR first, typically they will be gone before you even have the chance to meet them. (Trust me, this happens quite often.)

If you are a candidate seeking a new opportunity, I highly recommend that you make as many direct connections as possible through networking. Create an excel spread (of your collection of business cards) of who you meet. Consistently follow up with them, to re-connect. If you happen to meet a hiring manager at a network event, connect with them first during the first introduction by just having a collaborative conversation. Follow up a week later just to re-connect. I highly recommend that you do not approach a hiring manager directly to let him/her know that you are actively looking as you will immediately loose your uniqueness. Wait until you create an established relationship. If you are currently unemployed, make “networking” your new job until you find the right one. It is always better to have an advocate in the job market on your behalf then to become known as a “piece of paper” scanned over by either HR and or their system. (Also, check out New Landings. It is a local organization that could be a great resource for you.)

On a “side note,” if you are a President, CEO and or a member of an Executive Team, StartKC is interested in talking you. Please reach out to me as soon as possible regarding an opportunity for major media exposure.

Good luck!

Jamie Vaters
Business Resource Director, StartKC, Inc.


Contact: Emily Swartzlander
Duke University Talent Identification Program
(919) 668-9153

Updated: April 1, 2011

DURHAM, N.C.—Academically-talented seventh graders in your area will be recognized this spring for their exceptional scores on the ACT or SAT.

The Duke University Talent Identification Program’s (Duke TIP) 7th Grade Talent Search identifies students in 44 US states who have scored in the 95th percentile on a grade-level achievement test. As part of the program, these academically talented students take above-level college-entrance exams (ACT or SAT) to learn more about their abilities.

Duke TIP hosts annual Recognition Ceremonies to honor the seventh graders who score highest on these ACT or SAT exams. This year, of the over 63,000 participants nationally, 24,847 students have been invited to attend State Recognition Ceremonies and 2,085 students have been invited to the Grand Recognition Ceremony.

“For more than thirty years, Duke TIP has identified gifted students for their intellectual capacity and honored them for their outstanding achievements. Through our Recognition Ceremonies, we celebrate these achievements and encourage honorees to realize their tremendous academic potential,” says Martha Putallaz, PhD, Executive Director of Duke TIP and Professor of Psychology at Duke University.

The State Recognition Ceremonies honor seventh graders who have earned scores equal to or better than half of the college-bound seniors who took the tests. Working with host academic institutions, Duke TIP sponsors 34 state ceremonies in its 16-state Talent Search region during the months of May and June. Speakers include university administrators and professors from the host institutions, state and government officials, and accomplished former Duke TIP students.

The Grand Recognition Ceremony honors seventh graders who have earned scores equal to or better than 90% of college-bound seniors who took the same tests. The event will be held May 23 at Cameron Indoor Stadium on the Duke University campus in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Greg Jones, Duke University professor of theology and vice president and vice provost for global strategy and programs, will be this year’s keynote speaker.

* * *

About Duke TIP: The Duke University Talent Identification Program is an international leader in identifying and serving the educational needs of academically gifted youth. Through identification, recognition, challenging educational programs, information, advocacy and research, Duke TIP provides resources to gifted students, their parents, educators, and schools for the development of the students’ optimal potential.  


Social Media: The never ending Topic

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So today is my 22nd birthday and as usual my family and friends have made it the best day of the week. All day I received happy birthday texts, Facebook posts and the classic phone calls. While my parents and I are sitting at the table at P.F.Changs downtown the conversation shifts gears to the ongoing debate over social media and its purposes. My parents vary in opinions. My dad, who is a bit younger than my mom and I bit more technologically savvy understands the fact that things like Facebook and twitter are not going to go away but in fact expand and grow. My mother however, hates the idea of people being able view pieces of her world via the internet.

 We have had numerous conversations regarding the information that I post and make visible through my Facebook account. I have reassured her that through the various privacy settings I control who has access to certain images and information. Whenever we have this conversation over technology it boils down to privacy and being transparent. My mother is a very private person and does not see the point of sites that thrive off of your personal information. The conversation always goes the same way: the topic comes up, she voices her concerns, I explain why it’s useful, my dad tries to be the mediator and we end by agreeing that it is not going away and that it is up to you to be precautious about what you make visible.

This leads me to the real topic of conversation. How much is information is too much information? How transparent should we be when it comes to social media sites and tools like twitter, Facebook and others?

when it comes to the professional world people have different opinions. What about the average everyday person using social media outlets what are thier guidelines? check out what some have to say about privacy, social divides and health over sites like Facebook.

80% will use Social Media by 2011 But… by Willis Wee

More businesses are using social media for marketing and a steady growth in adoption rate is expected. eMarketer’s predicted that 80% of the businesses (with more 100 employees) will adopt social media for marketing purposes by 2011. That is 4 out of every 5 businesses. The forecast was based on a dozen of third party surveys accompanied by independent studies on social media trends like consumer usage and companies’ social media involvement. Currently, about three-quarters of businesses are using social media this year.

Full story here with charts, metrics, etc.

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