Social Media: The never ending Topic

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So today is my 22nd birthday and as usual my family and friends have made it the best day of the week. All day I received happy birthday texts, Facebook posts and the classic phone calls. While my parents and I are sitting at the table at P.F.Changs downtown the conversation shifts gears to the ongoing debate over social media and its purposes. My parents vary in opinions. My dad, who is a bit younger than my mom and I bit more technologically savvy understands the fact that things like Facebook and twitter are not going to go away but in fact expand and grow. My mother however, hates the idea of people being able view pieces of her world via the internet.

 We have had numerous conversations regarding the information that I post and make visible through my Facebook account. I have reassured her that through the various privacy settings I control who has access to certain images and information. Whenever we have this conversation over technology it boils down to privacy and being transparent. My mother is a very private person and does not see the point of sites that thrive off of your personal information. The conversation always goes the same way: the topic comes up, she voices her concerns, I explain why it’s useful, my dad tries to be the mediator and we end by agreeing that it is not going away and that it is up to you to be precautious about what you make visible.

This leads me to the real topic of conversation. How much is information is too much information? How transparent should we be when it comes to social media sites and tools like twitter, Facebook and others?

when it comes to the professional world people have different opinions. What about the average everyday person using social media outlets what are thier guidelines? check out what some have to say about privacy, social divides and health over sites like Facebook.